Laminate Flooring
What is Laminate Flooring?
Laminate flooring consists of three layers, the surface or decorative top, either a melamine or HPL (high pressure laminate), the carrier or core, and the balance layer or backing. This type of product is very similar to work tops that have been around for years. The finishes on these floors are much more durable than the finishes currently found on wood floors today and even have the look of a wood floor. The product is a floating floor, it is glued together in the tongues and grooves and is not glued directly to the slab. Floor preparation is usually less than with sheet vinyl or a glued down wood flooring installation. This product has a film or plastic sheeting that goes down first, a type of foam padding, then the product itself. Some of the manufactures have introduced a type of sound deadening board to replace the foam in order to reduce the noise level that walking on the floor produces.
Advantages of Laminate Flooring
More resistant to impact, wear and cigarette burns. Exceptionally strong. High durability. Impervious to heavy furniture and household detergents. Slip resistant. UV-light resistant. Non-allergenic. Easy to clean and maintain.
We offer a full laminate floor fitting service. Unfortunately, we do not sell laminate flooring on its own.
It's pet friendly too !
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